Anti Aging Tips – Voices of the Past

Anti Aging Tips – Voices of the Past
Anti Aging Tips
Anti Aging Tips

Anti Aging Tips From the 1920’s

Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, from California, had a concept and a diet lifestyle he called Bio-genic Nutrition. He classified sprouted seeds and baby greens as the most beneficial foods, calling them life-generating Bio-genic Foods, and recommended that they comprise 25% of one’s daily diet. He stated that living sprouts are quality food of high bio-photons. ‘Bio’ meaning life and ‘photon’ meaning electromagnetic, which provide a high bio-energetic value.

In other words, these youthful, anti aging foods contribute to the prevention of disease, energize the body, help the entire body to function, as well as repair itself. Professor Szekely divided food into four classifications to make it easier to understand the true value of life-giving sprouts:

- Bio-genic living foods offer the strongest support for the regeneration of cells. These should comprise approximately 25% of one’s daily diet.

- Bio-active foods are life sustaining organic fruit and vegetables. These should comprise approximately 50% of one’s daily diet.

- Bio-static foods include cooked foods. Note that as much as 85% of the nutrient value may be lost in cooking, which slows down the life process and accelerates aging. Cooked foods should comprise no more than approximately 25% of one’s daily diet.

- Bio-acidic foods are regarded as life destroying and include sugar, white flour, and all processed foods.

Possibly without realizing it, Professor Szekely agreed with Hippocrates. Over 2000 years ago, Hippocrates said,“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

More Anti Aging Tips: Cooked versus raw foods

A Very Interesting Find from the 1930’s

Dr. Paul Kautchakoff, in the 1930’s, showed that eating cooked food produces a condition in the body called leucocytosis. Leucocytosis is an elevation of the white blood cell count. When disease, infection, intoxication, poisoning, or digesting cooked foods is present, white blood cells increase to defend the body. Some foods have a greater effect than others.

Raw or frozen food does not increase white blood cells. Commonly cooked food causes mild increase, pressure-cooking and canning causes a moderate increase, and processed, man-made foods devoid of enzymes cause severe leucocytosis, such soft drinks, alcohol, white sugar, white flour, etc.

The worst food is meat that has been cured, salted, canned, or cooked. The body reacts to these substances to a degree otherwise only seen in poisoning. To avoid leucocytosis, meat must be eaten raw. You may say that sounds crazy, but recently I read a book where the author was a proponent of this. Personally, I would not advise this due to parasites, and the risks of infection and poisoning. Bottom line, when we eat foods that the body cannot properly digest, then leucocytosis indicates that the immune system must be activated in order to remove these substances from the body.

More from the 1930’s

An experiment conducted by Dr. Francis Pottenger involved cats. He took two groups of cats and for years supervised their feeding. One group was given exclusively raw, uncooked food. The other was given only cooked food. His results showed that the ones who ate raw food lived long, disease-free lives. The cats eating cooked food became sick and died much younger.

In another post on this site, I refer to Dr. Shinya, who strongly promotes a diet of 85-90% plant based and 10-15% animal food. Following this type of diet, drinking alkaline ionized water, and providing the body with food it can use, showed a drastic increase in health of the intestinal tract. See his video proof: Click Here

Information on Ionized Alkaline water: Click Here

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