BioEntopic™ Ibuprofen Crème

BioEntopic™ Ibuprofen Crème

BioEntopic™ Ibuprofen Crème is 5% Ibuprofen USP plus a bio-available herbal complex for inflammation. African Devil''s Claw Root (harpagophytum procumbens) and Yucca Root (yucca spp.) are the number one herbs used by herbalist for the treatment of inflammation. Ibuprofen has proven tremendous for relief of pain and inflammation. The down side is that oral consumption of Ibuprofen has been documented to induce stomach ulcers plus create kidney and liver damage. The Europeans have been using "topical" Ibuprofen for years to gain the benefits of Ibuprofen without these side effects. Topical Ibuprofen is quickly absorbed, directly reaching the affected area with a very minute amount getting into the blood stream.

BioEntopic™ Ibuprofen Crème is a topical treatment with penetrating liposomes to carry the active ingredients deep, providing quick active relief from muscular pain, back aches, inflammatory rheumatic afflictions of the joints, sport/accident related strains, contusions and sprains. Directions: Unless otherwise prescribed by a health professional, gently rub in a thin coat of gel to the affected area. Repeat up to four times daily with 3-4 hours between applications. If symptoms persist, consult a health professional.

Do not use if allergic to Ibuprofen.

Avoid eyes, lips, inflamed or broken skin, open wounds and mucus membrane (vaginal/anal).

Consult your health professional if taking medication, aspirin or any other pain relievers.

Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

In case of a rash, discontinue use.

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